UK fashion design executives eye top roles overseas

The recruitment of retail talent in the fashion sector is heading into a state of crisis, as increasing numbers of fashion professionals are taking overseas job opportunities. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit, alongside job insecurities, are making top fashion candidates far more likely to accept overseas roles, in countries like Canada, the United States, Germany, and [...]

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Reports Highlight Growth of Independent Retailers

Sales volumes for independent retailers in Britain have rocketed over 20% in the last 12 months when compared to the global average, according to a leading retail management software company. The report, which contains data from 13,000 retailers across the country, noted that the UK is likely to continue to experience unexpected growth in the [...]

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Is your leadership arrogance increasing your stress?

Every leader will experience stress. It may come due to an expansion, the yearly push to hit deadlines or even simple arrogance. Arrogance in leadership is often viewed as the stuffy boss that hides away in his corner office and regularly forgets his employees’ names. However, that caricature of an arrogant leader misses the subtle [...]

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The language of leadership

We often talk about the body language of leaders as being of utmost importance, with a person’s stance, physical appearance and overall demeanour seeming to shape their ability to create a good first impression. However, it is easy to overlook the importance of using the right words when in a leadership role. Despite the apparent [...]

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