Britain’s heatwave boosts supermarket sales

As many as one in three people in the UK suffer from ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (SAD), sometimes known as ‘winter depression’. It certainly seems to have had an impact on retail figures. After an unseasonably cold March, which saw supermarkets struggling with the number of shoppers declining 6% from last year, the scorching weather last [...]

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5 ways being physically fit can improve business leadership

The phrase “fit to lead” has been around for a long time, as good leadership became synonymous with being fit; mentally, physically and spiritually. Today, physical fitness has particular power to improve one’s perceived leadership credibility. Apart from anything else, the modern business is physically taxing, and you need to have the endurance, confidence and [...]

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Participation is key to successful retail leadership

Successful retail executives understand the benefits offered by participating and engaging with the retail workforce. These two leadership skills can be key to driving employee motivation and empowerment and enable the continued prosperity and growth of the business. Traditional controlling styles of retail management are disappearing in the modern retail industry as a more collaborative [...]

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Morality and modern leadership skills

It’s hard to avoid the ethical and moral debates raging across the pond at the moment. And if nothing else, the US is providing British business leaders with fuel for thought on the role that morality plays in economics, as well as politics. […]

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Shopping centre operator Hammerson’s Q1 reports prove resilience of the UK retail sector

The shopping centre operator Hammerson has published its 2018 first quarter results, and they show that recent restructuring by a number of UK retailers has had a ‘very limited’ impact on the company’s profits, due to high occupancy and continued high demand for the group’s destination centres. The results are testament to the UK retail [...]

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5 top tips for hiring a retail executive

Retail executive recruitment can be a long and drawn out process that is very hard to get right. When employing for such a position it is important to look for a candidate who is not only qualified but is also a good fit for your company. Herein we explore some top tips for hiring a [...]

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