Common psychological traits of poor leaders

There have been countless books written on the subject of business leadership, and when you study a large enough cross-section of executives, you start to notice distinctive patterns in the kind of minds that lead to either success or failure. Here, we’ll go over some of the common psychological traits of poor leaders. Be aware [...]

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Fortnum & Mason hit record trading numbers over Christmas

The prestigious British luxury department store Fortnum & Mason enjoyed a 13% rise in sales over the Christmas period. The healthy figures were driven by a surge in domestic sales at the flagship London store, with growth across every channel, making 2017 Fortnum & Mason’s most successful Christmas in history. Through the five-week period ending [...]

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Move of the Week: John Colley back at Kingfisher

John Colley will have felt like he was returning home when he walked into Kingfisher’s Paddington headquarters this month. Colley began his formal career training at Kingfisher owned Woolworths in 1994 before embarking on an eclectic career that has to-date encompassed roles with Home Retail Group, Majestic Wine, and most recently a short two-month spell [...]

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3 great habits for effective executive recruiters

In retail executive recruitment, a major factor for success is building a level of trust between you, your hiring manager, and other execs at your organisation. As an executive recruiter, you have a job that goes far beyond routine, transactional tasks. You’re a partner in the company’s future strategy and need to make the right [...]

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How great leaders remain calm under pressure

All leaders will face situations that are testing emotionally, physically and relationally, but how you respond to these situations sets you apart from others. The better you become at managing challenging situations and pressure, the more you will grow as a leader and the better you will be able to deal with stressful situations. Here [...]

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