Naturally a follower? Here’s how to become a better leader

For some people, leadership comes naturally and stepping into a managerial role is second nature; for others, leadership skills have to be developed over time. However, it is possible to become the leader that your company needs to thrive, here are five tips to help you along the way.  1. Take inspiration from successful leaders [...]

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Top 4 tips to recruit retail executive professionals

Retail executive recruiting often has many challenges, which make the process of landing the best professional tricky, and potentially treacherous, for your company. To get the right person for the job, your retail executive search needs to attract the right job candidates from the beginning to prevent the issue so many businesses are faced with: [...]

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Christmas retailing set to be cold, but stay calm!

Forecasts for Christmas consumer spending paint a gloomy picture. Both clicks and bricks retailers are facing less than hoped for revenue levels. Online retailer ASOS suffered a 40% dip in shares when it announced that it is experiencing a “significant deterioration” in terms of its sales growth. Increased levels of caution created by the Brexit [...]

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High-potential retail executive recruitment

Individuals are remarkably different from one another and that includes in the way they work. Some high performers excel only when they are deployed to focus on a single area of expertise or skill. Others add best value when they are given the flexibility to move between different departments and projects. How do senior business [...]

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The art of communication is the language of leadership

There is a powerful piece of news footage which shows Barack Obama entering 10 Downing Street in front of Gordon Brown. As Obama reaches the British ‘bobby’ on duty outside that famous front door he pauses and holds out his hand. The policeman breaks into a broad grin and shakes. The two men take a [...]

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Footfall drops in UK stores over Black Friday weekend

Footfall across retail stores throughout the UK decreased by 5.4% during Black Friday. This is according to a report by Springboard, leading experts in retail analysis after they compared figures from this year with the event in 2017. The report also shows that there was a decrease in shoppers venturing into towns, cities, and shopping [...]

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