Be the diamond in your organisation with the 3 Cs of great leadership

Diamonds are valued not only in terms of carats but for their cut, colour and clarity. To shine as brightly, CEOs are judged on their own three Cs of great leadership skills: caring, credibility and competence. Caring Successful CEOs don’t pay lip-service to an organisation’s mission and vision; they live it. They demonstrate a commitment [...]

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Retail executives lobby for plastic free aisles

A wide-ranging group of former and existing retail executives have joined forces to campaign for stores to introduce an aisle of goods that is plastic-free. This move is designed to further reduce reliance on plastic packaging, and give consumers a chance to “vote with their feet”. It’s backed by a strong body of representation from [...]

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What is an appropriate leadership style in today’s corporate environment?

Maintaining a good relationship with employees you are expected to manage, direct and motivate can be difficult in today’s corporate environment. While professionalism is still very much an expectation in most offices, so is a degree of informal friendliness, team building and egalitarianism. Indeed, although you are expected to show leadership, the expectation that your [...]

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Physical stores to push pleasure, not price?

In any given week, you can find headlines that forecast doom and gloom for retail executives who manage physical outlets. The recent rash of closures and rescue bids makes for sober reading too. As does news that online retailers emerged the winners during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But there are other news stories that [...]

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Why should you recruit level 5 executives for your retail business?

Looking for the best retail executive to help you boost your business? The answer should indeed be a big yes as every business employer seeks to recruit a competent and professional team leader to get their business to the top. The right choice, but no result But sometimes even making the right choice doesn't impact your business. It grows at [...]

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