McGeorge returns to New Look

There is a neat symmetry to Alastair McGeorge’s return to New Look. In 2011, he took charge of a business that had lost its way, with profits tumbling and executives jumping ship with alarming regularity. McGeorge identified product and execution as the main problems and vowed to run a much tighter operation and reconnect with [...]

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3 unusual traits that great leaders have

When it comes to what makes a great leader, everyone has an initial picture in their head of what makes up that type of person. The usual buzzwords bandied about are confidence, vision and drive and so on. But when it comes to leadership, you need someone who can not only maintain certain and efficient [...]

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How to ensure you make the right career move at exec level

At executive level making your next career move can feel like a daunting prospect as you juggle the responsibility for your current business, whilst considering new opportunities. In a sector like retail where high-profile figures are often discussed in the news, it can be difficult to keep your career aspirations private until an appropriate time. [...]

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How to use your vision statement to inspire your team

Creating and developing a vision statement is one of the most important things a business can invest its time in. Defining where you want your company to head towards gives you direction as a leader and the ability to motivate and inspire the team beneath you to work together each day towards your shared goal. [...]

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