Move of the week: Fenwick appoints Feather as chief executive

I must confess to being surprised at Robbie Feather’s appointment as Fenwick chief executive. Not because Feather is an unsuitable candidate – quite the opposite in fact – but because he has been touted for a chief executive role with much bigger businesses, including Halfords, and as a long-term successor to Mike Coupe at Sainsbury’s. [...]

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Do retail executives need to be even more tech-savvy?

There can be few retailers who have failed to grasp that the future of their business sector lies in the hands of rapidly advancing technology. Big Data, the Internet of things and Cloud systems are transforming all business fields, none more so than both online and offline retail. Interactive devices and immersive technology are beginning [...]

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Questions to ask yourself to be a good leader

Leadership can be a difficult position to be in, so self-reflection is important. Here are a number of questions it is worth asking, to ensure you bring out the best in both your employees and in yourself: Would I like having myself as my leader? The golden rule states that you should treat others how [...]

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A mixed bag of results for UK retailers following Black Friday weekend

The weekend just passed includes the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whereby consumers flock to stores to snap up deals in the run-up to Christmas. In the UK, the results have been incredibly promising for a number of retail outlets. However, those positive results weren’t seen right across the board, as some researchers had [...]

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Are retail executives prepared for the EU GDPR?

The rigorous new security and privacy rules encapsulated in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are now only months from going live. In May 2018, retailers face hefty (and potentially business-ending) fines for non-compliance with sweeping new data management obligations. With potential fines of €20 million (£15.3 million) in the frame (or 4% of [...]

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Setting goals that bring the best outcomes

We intrinsically need goals to know where we're going. Setting goals is easy and natural to do, but being able to set realistic, inspirational and achievable goals is when you can make something really special happen. Start by asking yourself the question: "What is it we're aiming for?". After, ask yourself: "If we achieve that, [...]

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The science of personality: what it takes to be in charge

Personality and politicians go together like speed and racehorses: the best of them have it in abundance. Needing a charismatic charm and a quick intelligence that makes them stand out from the crowd, politicians have to seem somehow superior to the rest of us or else they’ll never be elected into leadership roles. […]

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