The psychology of positivity: how the best leaders want the best for their workforce

Ambience and the mood of the office is something that is often overlooked, despite growing studies from leading psychologists who suggest it is one of the most important factors in any workplace. Research carried out by the New York Times found negative people with a negative outlook were more likely to affect others than positive [...]

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How to get noticed by an executive recruiter

If you currently work in an executive level role in the retail industry and are considering your next career move, then it could be a great idea to build a relationship with an executive level recruiter. As you work at a senior level in your company, you will be challenged to give your job search [...]

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How to motivate the team you lead

As the leader of a business, one of the best attributes you can master is how to motivate your team, both during periods of success and especially when things are tough. It’s a skill that leaders should work hard to develop, as on top of the pressures of managing a business from the top – [...]

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How to lead change positively

When it comes to leading and managing change within a business, it can be challenging to motivate your employees to accept and evolve with the new things you’re trying to implement. As the leader of a business you need to find strategies which will help you to take ownership of the change you want to [...]

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