How to build a positive culture as the leader of a business

As the leader of an organisation, resilience and determination are the skills to adopt in order to be successful. To ensure your team are on board with your vision and that they’re working towards the company’s objectives every day, you also need to build and develop a positive culture. This will help to make your [...]

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How to find your next exec-level role?

When you’re working in an executive-level role, you can feel an immense amount of pressure when it comes to searching for your next role. You will be under a lot of stress already in your day to day role, ensuring your current company succeeds, which can be a huge challenge to you spending the time [...]

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How to build a relationship with an executive recruiter

If you’ve never worked with an executive recruiter before, you might wonder how such an individual can help you to progress in your career, and whether partnering with them is something you’re interested in. If you’re an executive in the retail sector, you’ll know that building a strong network throughout the industry often means people [...]

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