Psychological traits every leader needs to understand

Truly great leaders often have a wide range of useful skills and traits, but one that many people overlook is a keen understanding of the human mind. When an executive is able to understand the things that motivate people’s perceptions and actions in certain situations, they can adjust their management style accordingly. Here are a [...]

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Sainsbury’s launch UK’s first 30-minute click and collect service

In July, Tesco announced that they would become the first supermarket chain to offer same-day grocery delivery in the UK, but less than a month after that announcement, they are already being trounced by their retail rivals Sainsbury’s. This week, Sainsbury’s (the second-biggest supermarket chain in the UK, after Tesco, with a 16.5% market share), [...]

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How to lead with integrity

As the leader of a business, you need to gain the respect and trust of the people you are leading in order to effectively coordinate your team and achieve your company’s objectives. One of the most important characteristics you’ll want to portray is that you have integrity, demonstrating a sense of fairness and justice to [...]

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Why it’s worth paying top dollar for a CEO

For some members of the public, the discovery that the CEO of a business earns a large salary can be a turn-off – some believe that it’s a poor use of funds. That’s what makes it so important to communicate to staff members and customers just what justifies the steep price tags attached to some [...]

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Tesco to end the 5p carrier bag charge

It’s not exactly uncommon knowledge that charging 5p for a carrier bag caused widespread surprise and, in some cases, outrage across the UK when it was introduced in October 2015. However, despite some disruption and complaints among steadfast believers in free bags, the scheme has seen widespread success. […]

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