The top 4 qualities for effective leadership

Leadership is a role that takes a certain type of person with qualities that allow them to guide other people effectively. If you have ever had to get behind a bad leader, whether at work or somewhere else, you will know that not everyone is cut out for a leadership position.  […]

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How can an executive recruitment agency find your new executive?

When you’re searching for the perfect person to hire, it can be a really time-consuming task – particularly if the position you’re looking to fill is a retail executive or board member role. This type of recruitment is not something you should undertake lightly, which is why it’s often worth hiring a professional executive recruitment [...]

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Simon Burdess to direct foodservice at Waitrose

Waitrose’s appointment of Simon Burdess as its first ever director of foodservice is a powerful signal of strategic intent from the business. Competition between foodservice and retail businesses is becoming increasingly hard fought as supermarkets try to grab a bigger slice of the out-of-home market – which unlike the take-home market is enjoying consistently strong [...]

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