Leadership under pressure

To say we live in trying and difficult times as business executives and directors would be a wild understatement. Financial, social and political challenges and changes have never been more clustered. Technology is advancing at breakneck speed. And add to that the heightened national security risks. Dealing with pressure is now an integral part of [...]

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Talking the talk: the language of a leader

Most company CEOs and managing directors are comfortable and confident in their speaking and writing abilities. Indeed having the ‘gift of the gab’ is often one of the ways leading personalities to distinguish themselves from their contemporaries. However, when the going gets tough in company life, and there are tricky discussions to be had, or [...]

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London is the place to be for international retailers

London has recently been named as the number one destination for businesses in the retail sector looking to expand in Europe. The accolade comes in stark contrast to somewhat negative predictions for the market after Brexit. The data, which was collated by the commercial property consultancy CBRE, revealed that over 2 billion worth of retail-based [...]

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What’s next for remote order retailing?

UK retail news is full of headlines about the pressure to seize opportunities presented by new technology. Much of the new technology being adopted by retailers focuses on managing and controlling their supply chain and stock more efficiently. This includes sensors to gauge not just the amount of stock held, but also its exact whereabouts [...]

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Keeping your cool when you’re the boss – tips for leaders under pressure

Successful leadership requires a variety of different skills and talents - such as clear thinking, calm under pressure, decisiveness and confidence - and the ability to cultivate these skills can drive your business forward with you at the helm. But being a leader can be one of the most stressful and demanding jobs out there. [...]

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Falling price of the pound and aggressive expansion plans pay off for Superdry

Having recently released their profit statement for the financial year ending 29th April, things are looking positive for SuperGroup, the company that own Superdry. The results come after an extremely successful promotion strategy in the UK and abroad, as well as greater diversification into the wholesale market. What are the numbers? Revenues have gone up [...]

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UK inflation rate hits highest point since 2013

Official figures show that last month saw the UK's inflation rate rise to its highest level since September 2013. Inflation currently stands at 2.7%, which is a sharp rise from the 2.3% that was reported in March. Both figures are, however, above the 2% target set by the Bank of England. The main explanation for [...]

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The crashing pyramid of a leader under pressure

All across the world, CEOs and Managing Directors are leading small, medium and large businesses through a maze of corporate stresses and marketplace woes. All in an attempt to be financially successful and marketplace-dominant. But the inner workings of a business are a delicate ecosystem, and mismanagement from the top can have a knock-on effect [...]

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How good a boss are you? Ask your staff

If you ask people to take part in a 360 degree review at work they are often hesitant. Unlike a traditional assessment, where the manager alone gives an assessment of an individual, a 360 degree assessment involves managers, peers and juniors who all answer questions about the way you do your job. […]

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