Supermarkets attack rates system

The business rates system has come under a fresh wave of attacks after two of the biggest supermarkets in the UK called it ‘medieval’, not only that but they also levelled criticism at the UK Government for not doing nearly enough when it comes to reforming.  […]

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Why are UK supermarkets rationing consumer buying?

When it comes to buying food, consumers (understandably) take it for granted that their favourite vegetables will be stocked up and ready for purchase when they get to the store. However, due to poor weather conditions in countries which export vegetables to the UK, retail stores are suffering a severe shortage – particularly with lettuce [...]

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2017 starts on a low note for UK retailers

Over the festive period, many retailers enjoyed a boost in sales, with the fastest growth since 2015. This is largely due to Christmas sales and the increasingly popular Black Friday week, where prices are slashed by many retailers. Although many retailers experienced a surge in sales over the festive period, January has been largely disappointing [...]

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